Chick'n & Fix'ns
Chick'n & Fix'ns

Chick'n & Fix'ns

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Grilling some chicken tonight? Sautéing something from the sea? Or just waking up to coffee, bacon, and eggs?

Amazing spice blend for Grilled, Baked, or broiled Salmon.

Chick’n & Fix’ns is just the zing you need to zest up your meal.

Paleo-Friendly, Gluten Free, NO MSG, made with All-Natural Gourmet Himalayan Pink Salt, and the perfect blend of smooth spices to give your chick’n & fixn’s exactly the perk it needs. The blend is light, yet zingy. It will add “the zeal, the zest and the zing” your spice cabinet and  cooking is craving for.

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